After the Hurricane

Bahram Habibi after the hurricane was a completely different person than Bahram Habibi after. So much destruction and lost lives can take a toll.

Rebuilding Homes

In addition to providing medical support, it was also important that we helped those in need rebuild the homes that they lost during the storm.

Saving Everyday Lives

Being in Puerto Rico was no party because it was around the clock support to those in need but boy was it super rewarding and I am so glad about it because it meant everything.

Bahram Habibi After Hurricane Maria

Flying into Puerto Rico was like nothing I had ever seen before. Talk about destruction at the very highest level. Everything was in disarray and all of the homes were pretty much destroyed. Not good!

Medical attention for all

For Bahram Habibi after hurricane Maria, it was all about saving those in need. That included checking them for basic illness and performing surgery on those with the most urgent of needs. Not a good time but it was what had to be done.

Keeping People safe

One of the biggest things that I did while in Puerto Rico was to give shelter to those who no longer had it. I had the luck of renting a large home that I could offer to hundreds of people in the country. Bahram Habibi after Hurricane Maria was a man you could believe in.

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