The thing about a doctor that has been around the world saving lives is that he gets a lot of Bahram Habibi questions. These are inquiries that I am asked on an almost daily basis about everything from my medical training to my life after hurricane Maria.

Read below and see if your favorite questions have been answered.

What is it like to be in the middle of a hurricane?

This is one of the most often asked of the Bahram Habibi questions and the fact of the matter is that it is downright frightening. The winds are so fast and the trees are coming out of the ground and people are running for their lives. It is just a very scary time and that is why we need to help these people.

What is next for Bahram Habibi?

I really don’t know. I will be staying in Puerto Rico for a while now because it is here where I am currently needed. But after this, I will return home and relax a bit before my next big adventure.

This may be one of most commonly asked Bahram Habibi questions, but how much schooling did you go through to become a doctor?

Believe what you see on movies and television shows, getting a medical degree is a very serious business. There are hundreds of hours of studying and laboratory time that has to be handled in order to even get through the first couple of years.

But, like anything, if you set your mind to it then you can achieve it so becoming a doctor is achievable if you work hard and commit to your studies. It is not an adventure to take lightly because you are going to see a lot of things that might upset you but that is just par for the course.